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Our Story

Our main Goal and Vision thrive is to achieve transparent and assured Debt Collections of delinquent accounts. Our ten years of experience has penetrated all industries of businesses with credit policies targeting non or late arrival of payments.


We then apply our various skills on performing these tasks in terms of collecting outstanding debt, ITC data washing, tracing, bureau listing whether collections are short or long hold.


Our team is well trained to handle various debt types and different consumers. We maintain our name by keeping a good long-lasting reputation and relationship with our clients.





Debt Collection

Our debt collection services are prestige as we use world class systems to assist with the management and processes of our collecting.


From the handing over of file to reverting instruction with the revenue collected is smooth sailing for both us and our client. Our process includes reporting to our clients perpetually, essentially building confidence and lasting relationships.


Our tracing agents are fully equipped to apply remarkable standards as their training and experience speaks volumes.

If we cannot trace them then no one else can. We are empowered with modern systems and at times do utilise the ancient collection methods which tend to work well when applied in requirement.



We deal with challenges between debtor and 3rd party. What we achieve is settlement and dispute resolution.

We treat our debtor base as fair as possible adhering to the CFDC & ADRA standards with a little added compassion, as we understand debt situations but never let our sentiments distract the task at hand.

Credit Care

Our team cares about our client’s debtor base and their credit scores, that is why we negotiate settlements to rectify any outstanding or shortfalls.


We understand the importance of maintaining clear credit scores as this ensures credit, loans, or personal lending when needed.


We always educate debtors that securing a good score also increases your chances when attempting to attain employment or residentials. When accounts are settled, we ensure that default removals are processed nimbly.

Debt File & Legal Capacity

Real Debt’s operational capacity allows us to handle a substantial amount of debt value and files as we are not bound.

Our Collection playing field includes Banks, Municipalities, Telecommunications, Medical, Microlending, Retail & fitness.


We employ our own Legal Team to process our Court proceedings to ensure that collections are performed in-depth. 



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We deal with real debt

Our venture in the industry lets us put your troubles aside and allows us to do the worrying.

We use a particular set of skills including psychological when collecting your assigned debt, we do not require external assistance as we are fully capable of perusing debt in house. Our team of super active agents make this possible with the training they experience.

We mine success stories and assist debtors with settlements and instalments rather than hounding and reprimanding them.


We understand what it feels like to owe someone money, when the right mentality approach is used it guarantees and secures agreement.

We take pride of our name as it displays authenticity.

We plan on maintaining authenticity with our clients as this safeguards a long and fruitful relationship.

We strive on transparency to keep our debtor base and clients in the loop, this ensures us no damaging surprises.

The company upholds Loyalty within the establishment to ensure that our daily business functions do not interrupt our strategies and success. We enjoy applying the forthright character to avoid shortfalls in all areas.



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Emmanuel Dube

Emmanuel ventured into collections in 2009 trading banks and retail. Later excelled to Management overseeing Telecommunications, Medical and Credit. Key Player in the Directing of Real Debt Collections.


Michelle Haripersad

Michelle has decades of financial experience; we are confident that our organisation will continue to develop with her by our side. Her accounting capabilities and reporting are profound.

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Azaad Mohamed

Azaad is a Director at Real Debt Collections with 20 years of experience specializing in Strategic Planning. He deals with Real Debt's core functions and acquisitions. 



Our Address

300 Acacia Road Darrenwood , Cresta

Stonemill Office Park 

Acacia House 

Our Phone No.

010 745 7067

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